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Argei - Le Fattorie Renolia

Argei - Le Fattorie Renolia
Location: Gergei (Cagliari), South Sardinia

Argei - Le Fattorie Renolia is a farm, an oil mill, a cellar and a laboratory that produces oil, wine and seasonings using natural local raw materials. The production, in full harmony with the environment, combines the human know how with the more efficient and eco-compatible production methods, giving products rich in taste and nutritional properties.

Argei wine is deeply linked to the terroir of its vineyards, valleys and hills, where time stands still. The grapes from autochthon vineyards are transformed in the Gergei cellars. Here the wine can rest, gently cradled in oak casks and in terracotta amphora. 

Argei - Le Fattorie Renolia produces “1/4”, a new way of drinking wine. Its quarter-of-a-liter capacity is perfect for lunch time, so you can always enjoy a tasteful sip of your favorite wine as freshly uncorked:

1/4 Sardinian DOC Cannonau
Deep ruby red wine with fine fruitiness and good freshness. It tastes harmonious, dry and slightly tannic and pairs well with meat dishes. Excellent with traditional Sardinian dishes, as baked suckling pig, tagliolini with pecorino cheese and dried tomatoes. Vol. 14%

1/4 Sardinian DOC Vermentino
Straw yellow wine, fresh and fruity with delicate hints of yellow fruit like apricots, plums and citrus peels. It pairs well with fish based dishes and cheeses. Vol. 14%