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About Us

Sardegna Mia, L’isola della bontà: a concierge-concept export management company
Our island is worldwide known for its oustanding natural beauty making Sardegna a a sought after tourist destination. It is also known for its inhabitants record longevity, made possible by a balanced mix of genetic, environmental and lifestyle healthy habits.

To this day Sardegna maintains its passion for food as an experience, for fresh and healthy ingredients and for unique and rare delights.

These are the reasons why we want to introduce the best and less known traditional food, wine and spirits from Sardegna.to worldwide customers, renowned Italian restaurants abroad, delicatessen and specialty food shops. 



Sardegna Mia Services:

Traditional Sardinian food and beverage B2B export and services

As an export management company it’s our goal to ensure that our group of selected producers can focus on the quality of their delicious and unique products, while we manage their export efforts. Given the small scale of most local producers, it’s often very difficult for potential foreign clients to gain consistent access to Sardinian delicacies.  That’s where we come in; we take care of all export related business matters, like export and distribution agreements, pricing, shipping, invoicing, packaging, country-specific regulations and terms, marketing, events and communication.

Our special selection of genuine products from the Sardinian tradition is delivered according to the customer needs and specific procurement requirements. In order to reach this goal, we constantly focus on providing outstanding service, in line with the expectations and requirements of global business practices.


Other Sardegna and Italy based services:
Local producers scouting and purchasing Services
For customers looking for a particular product, we select the best local options, customize the product and provide it to our client.

Prices and terms negotiation Services
For customers who have already individuated a product they’d like to import but still need to approach the Italian producer, we negotiate terms and conditions with the Italian counterpart according to their requests.

Concierge Pick-up Services:
For customers who already bought a particular product but need a special pick-up service from Italy, we arrange the best logistics arrangements

On site producers visits and travels
For customers who want to visit producers and discover Sardinia territory, we organize business and leisure travels for the company members