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Natural Honey, Sa Domu e S’abi

Natural Honey, Sa Domu e S’abi
Location: Castiadas (Cagliari), South Sardinia

This family run small business produces natural honey since 20 years, adopting natural beekeeping caring method, no treatments for pests or diseases and only minimal interventions by man. They produce several types of honey from specific Sardinia native blooms.

Thistle Honey: a very fine typical product of Sardinia, thistle honey is a healthy sweet honey, with know benefits for the cardiovascular system.

Corbezzolo Honey: the most fine and rare among Sardinian honey, it has a rather bitter taste. It is known for its antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties.
To produce this honey quality, bees have to be moved to the mountains of Sardinia and the honey has to be collected only during winter season.

Macchia Mediterranea Honey: this is a “millefiori” honey typical of the Sardinian mountain areas, where the wild flowering of Macchia Mediterranea create every year a new and rich spicy taste.

Citrus Honey: its aroma is very intense and resembles the orange flower perfume. Its taste is very fresh and sweet.

Nocciomiele: it is the healthy natural alternative to common sweetened cocoa spreads, made from honey and hazelnuts only.