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Murtas Formaggi
Location: Silius (Cagliari) South Sardinia

Caseificio Murtas dairy was born in 1947 from the passion and knowledge of the founder Eligio Murtas. Located in the Gerrei area, in Sardinia, it is a traditional and renowned factory specialized in the production of traditional pecorino and goat's cheese. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Gerrei, the factory takes advantage of the region's lush pastures and favorable climate to create its traditional and innovative cheese.

Murtas Formaggi produces a wide range of sheep's and goat's cheese, aiming to reflect the unique flavors and traditions of the area.

Soberanu Pecorino Sardo D.O.P., is the traditional classic Sardinian cheese, produced according to the strict rules of the D.O.P. , with a minimum aging of 120 days.

Su Entu is a traditional Sardinian pecorino cheese, aged for a minimum of 180 days up to 1 year; it has a robust taste, strongly aromatic with spicy notes.

Sassai is a soft sheep milk cheese, aged for 30 days; with a sweet and delicate flavour, this typical Sardinian cheese is excellent roasted, as a dessert and sweetened with honey.

Fiocco is a fresh and light goat cheese, aged for 30 days, with a white and soft texture, it is suitable for everyone’s diet.
Awarded best cheese in the “CAPRINO D’ORO” regional competition, short-aged goat cheese category.

Lentischio A mature goat cheese with low lactose and cholesterol content, delicate and pleasant, made aromatic by the wild herbs of our pastures.

Murtas Formaggi