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Famiglia Orro

Famiglia Orro
Location: Tramatza (Oristano), Centre-West Sardinia

Famiglia Orro is a small family run farm located in Tramatza, a small village in the province of Oristano, central-west Sardinia. The farm produces wine, olives and vegetables typical of the area in respect of sustainable agriculture and biodiversity. All productions are processed directly on site in the Famiglia Orro cellar and laboratory combining tradition and innovation.

Famiglia Orro wines comes only from native vineyards and are produced respecting ancient traditional tecniques.

Famiglia Orro produces a selection of wines made from the autochthone ‘Vernaccia’ grapes:

Crannatza - Vernaccia Valle del Tirso I.G.T.
Wine obtained by Vernaccia grapes, refined in small barrels only partially filled. It’s the perfect partner for sophisticated appetizers such as smoked mullet fillet or blue cheese and traditional handmade almond pastries. Vol. 15-17%

Vernaccia di Oristano - Vernaccia DOC
Vernaccia di Oristano DOC (Controlled designation of origin) is obtained with the respect of the traditional wine making technique. It is left in small, non completely filled barrels under the action of FLOR yeasts, which are also indigenous. Vol. 15-17%

Passentzia - Passito IGT Isola dei Nuraghi
Wine obtained by dried vernaccia raisins. It complements traditional almond pastries as well as seasoned hard cheese. Its name comes from the sardinian “pascenscia” which means “patience”. Vol. 15-17%

Karesia - Valle del Tirso IGT
Wine obtained by Vernaccia di Oristano grapes, refined in cherry wood barrels only partially filled. Ideal with desserts and traditional pastries. The name Karesia comes from the Sardinian word “carèsia” for cherry. Vol. 15-17%

Tzinnigas Valle del Tirso - Vernaccia IGT
This innovative white wine is obtained from Vernaccia variety grapes, skipping the usual oxidation process, typical of Vernaccia di Oristano DOC wine making. Ideal with appetizers, fish and seafood. Vol. 13,5%