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Food seasoning

Parteolla Olive Growers’ Cooperative
Location: Dolianova (Cagliari), South Sardinia

Copar table olives have been awarded for the third time the Monna Oliva Prize for the best Italian natural table olives.
At Copar, olives are harvested by hand early in the morning, placed in ventilated crates and transported within a few hours to the transformation facility. Here, the olives are carefully selected according to strict evaluation criteria and then destined for the subsequent production and storage phases.

Green Olives in brine (water and salt)
Our “natural” olives are distinguished by the clear fruity aroma of fresh olives, with a crunchy skin and a firm, fleshy pulp.
The flavour carries a perfectly balanced taste with a clear but light hint of the sea.

Scabecciu Olives
Green olives in brine, seasoned with EVOO, parcely, garlic and vinegar.

Baked Olives
Green olives in brine, drained and baked.

Green olives cream.

Tomato and green olives cream.

Parteolla Olive Growers’ Cooperative

Sa Marigosa, Producer's Organization (PO)
Location: Riola Sardo (Oristano), Centre West Sardinia

Sa Marigosa was founded 35 years ago as a small farm and in 2008 has been recognisez as Producer’s Organization, growing and consolidating its worth in the Sardinian fruit and vegetable sector.
This growth prospective, innovation of service to the tradition and high work ethic in the field of fresh vegetables was then transferred to the oil-preserved products, the new challenge and pride of Sa Marigosa OP.
Creams and oil-preserved fruit and vegetables include the Sardinia Spiny Artichoke, the first to obtain the DOP in the vegetables oil-preserved products. Sa Marigosa philosophy is based on the concept of the fresh products’ quality, preserved and guaranteed by vegetable oil.

Vegetable’s Creams
Vegetable's Creams in many different flavours, Artichoke's cream, Artichoke's cream topped, garlic, parsley,black pepper, Artihcoke's cream spicy, Yellow green pepper's cream sweet, Hot red green pepper's cream spicy, Asparagus's cream, Cardo's cream, Mushrooms's cream.

Oil-preserved vegetables
The artichokes, eggplants, zucchini, peppers, cauliflower and mushrooms are great appetizers or condiments for pasta and main dishes.

Sa Marigosa, Producer's Organization (PO)

Saffron Manu Deus, Terre San Gavino
Location: San Gavino (Cagliari), South Sardinia

The small village of San Gavino is one of the only three places in Sardinia allowed to produce a DPO (protected designated origin) saffron. The family business Terre San Gavino came from the experience and wisdom of generations of farmers. The soil, naturally devoted to saffron cultivation, is enhanced with natural non-intensive work, in compliance with natural land rest period.

The saffron production at Terre San Gavino is still handled by the ancient tradition, from the flower harvest, taking place early in the morning during the month of November, till the stigmas separation by hand and the drying. The use of saffron in cooking ranges from appetizers to dessert. However, the best combination comes with rice, shellfish, seafood and stewed meat dishes, where the touch of saffron enriches color and enhances flavor.

Saffron Manu Deus, Terre San Gavino

Famiglia Orro
Location: Tramatza (Oristano), Centre-West Sardinia

Famiglia Orro is a small family run farm located in Tramatza, a small village in the province of Oristano, central-west Sardinia. The farm produces wine, olives and vegetables typical of the area in respect of sustainable agriculture and biodiversity. All productions are processed directly on site in the Famiglia Orro cellar and laboratory combining tradition and innovation.

Famiglia Orro food seasonigs are produced respecting ancient traditional techniques that allows to preserve the authentic taste of raw ingredients.

Famiglia Orro produces three excellent and genuine food seasonings:

Oìa Pistada - crashed green olives
Crashed and pitted green olives seasoned with garlic and wild fennel in extra virgin olive oil, according to a traditional recipe handed down from generations. Perfect complement for your entries or as an appetizer, it can be also used to season main plates and pizza.

Crema di asparago - wild asparagus spread
Asparagus spread made from wild asparagus, seasoned with naturals aroma and extra virgin olive oil. Perfect as appetizer on crusty slices of bread, as the italian “crostini”style.

Crema di carciofo - artichoke spread
Artichoke spread made from the sardinian spiky artichocke, seasoned with herbs and Vernaccia wine in extra virgin Olive oil. Perfect as appetizer on crusty slices of bread, as the Italian “crostini”style.

Salsa al limone - lemon cream sauce
Cream sauce prepared on a lemon base, with extra virgin olive oil and garlic. It comes in a “piccante” version also, with added hot pepper. The lemon sauce has a wide range of uses. It is used raw on salads, but also on white meats and fish plates.

Famiglia Orro