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Crispy bread

Antico Forno Santu Lussurgiu
Location: Santu Lussurgiu (Oristano), Centre West Sardinia

Antico Forno is a small handcraft bakery located in the village of Santu Lussurgiu. The owner and baker Stefano produces different traditional Sardinian breads with local ingredients baked only in a wood fired oven with aromatic local firewood.
Being Sardinia traditionally shepherd based economy, the typical local bread is a long lasting product that the shepherds use to bring in the long periods of lonely grazing.

Among the traditional bread types we selected three special products, a perfect match with Italian cheeses and appetizers.

Carasau: the most popular Sardinian bread, this thin and crisp, dish like baked flat bread can last up to one year. It can be eaten dry as a normal bread or wet with oil, water, sauces as part of traditional Sardinian recipes.

Biscottadu: delicious crunchy slices of bread made with local flour, malt and lard.

Tranci di guttiau: a snack version of the traditional Guttiau, but with the plus of local extra virgin oil and wood oven baking.


Antico Forno Santu Lussurgiu