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Azienda Agricola Antonella Corda
Location: Serdiana (Cagliari), Sud Sardinia

Antonella Corda boutique winery was born from Antonella’s passion for land and wine and combines the centuries-old family tradition in viticulture with innovation and environmental care. The winery is nestled between the sinuous hills of Serdiana, a few kilometers from Cagliari. The characteristics of the land (sandy, clayey and loamy with a strong calcium presence), the abundance of water and the mild climate give the wines of the Antonella Corda winery unique characteristics: wines produced from high quality, genuine and refined native vineyards to conquer even the most demanding markets.

The Antonella Corda farm produces three precious Sardinian wines:

Vermentino di Sardegna DOC
Designation of Origin white wine, fragrant and intense, harkens Mediterranean garden essences: orange, grapefruit, lemon blossoms, sage, and capers. Tingling acidity brightens its warmer, softer tones. Pairs well with fish and crustacean first courses. Excellent as aperitif with salted caper hors d’oeuvres. Vol. 13,5%

Nuragus di Cagliari DOC
Designation of Origin white wine, expresses Sardinia’s two faces: land and sea. Bouquet features autumn fruits of apple and pear, with a dash of salty sea air. A fresh, balanced wine distinguished by characteristic flavor. Goes well with raw seafood, especially oysters. Vol. 12,5%

Cannonau di Sardegna DOC
Designation of Origin red wine, with a charateristic scent of cherry, raspberry, blackberry, rose and a delicate spicy note of white pepper. The varietal aromas remains intact thanks to the use of delicate macerations and of non-toasted barrels. The freshness harmonizes with the warm notes and the exceptional soft tannins. Vol. 14%

Azienda Agricola Antonella Corda

Chessa Winery
Location: Usini (Sassari), North Sardinia

In Usini, in the North West of Sardinia, Chessa wines produces territorial, sincere wines. The best output come out of Cagnulari, a native vine that is found only in these areas, and of Vermentino,which in this area, is very different from the rest of the Island.
Giovanna Chessa, the owner of the winery, succeeds in exalting it with elegance and finesse by bottling a unique red as an authentic witness of this special terroir.
The essence of this territory is expressed through a plot unfolding over hills and valleys, following the ordered rows of the vines. Usini, in Sardinia, has always been considered a particular terroir for its pedoclimatic characteristics that give the grapes exceptional nuances.

Cagnulari - Isola dei Nuraghi IGT
Cagnulari is a wine obtained from pure cagnulari grapes grown in the hills of Usini at 250 m. above sea level. Intense ruby red color, with dark purple inserts.
Spouse of traditional cuisine, it pleasantly accompanies the consumption of meats, side dishes and cheeses, anticipating all that is good and solemn cheers and enhances the table.

Lugherra - Isola dei Nuraghi IGT
Lugherra, Isola dei Nuraghi IGT, is a wine with an intense ruby red color, with insertions of dark violet. It manifests itself on the nose with a great impact of hints of India ink and small wild fruits, red and black, in great balance with light vanilla and tobacco notes.

Mattariga - Vermentino di Sardegna DOC
Mattariga is a Vermentino di Sardegna DOC obtained from 100% Vermentino grapes grown on calcareous soils, hilly at 250 m. above sea level, with a good temperature range that has allowed to preserve the aromas. Low yields per hectare and careful vinification made it possible to obtain a good concentration. The aroma is fine and delicate, the taste is balanced and intense.

C’era una volta - Vermentino di Sardegna DOC
Its natural persuasion arises from a virtuous path that begins with an extraordinary grape processed with the utmost respect, and continues with a short maceration on the skins with the spontaneous fermentation of the must. With these simple, but not easy steps, it was possible to give a concrete form to the quality that this territory knows how to express and to its ability to be able to give unique and unforgettable wines.

Chessa Winery

Pedra Majore Winery
Location: Monti (Sassari), North Sardinia

Located in the territory of Monti, in the heart of Gallura, but a few kilometers from the sea, the Pedra Majore Winery is managed by the 4 Isoni brothers in the name of continuity and family tradition.
The vineyards extend between the villages of Monti and Calangianus, on hills well exposed to the sun and constantly beaten by the Gallura wind. Fifteen hectares of vineyards from which all the Vermentini di Gallura DOCG Pedra Majore are born. White wines characterized by great finesse, structure and minerality and by the intense aromaticity typical of this vine in its maximum territorial expression.

Hysony - Vermentino di Gallura DOCG SUPERIORE
Hysony is produced from Vermentino D.o.c.g. di Gallura, matured in the high hills of southern Gallura.
Pale straw color with greenish reflections, brilliant; intense and delicate nose, with pleasant citrus and almond notes. On the palate it is fresh and savory, full and enveloping, with a clean finish.

I Graniti - Vermentino di Gallura DOCG
Vermentino is a very ancient noble vine, in which we have certain news since 1700, cultivated by hand among the scents of myrtles and strawberry trees in the clear hills of Gallura.
Straw yellow in color with light greenish reflections, brilliant. The bouquet is intense, ample and persistent, with vegetal, floral hints of broom and fruity peaches. The taste is warm, soft and enveloping, with a long taste-olfactory persistence. It closes with a fruity note of peach.

Le Conche - Vermentino di Gallura DOCG
Le Conche is vinified using exclusively D.o.c.g. Vermentino grapes, ripened in the high hills of southern Gallura.
Straw-colored with light greenish reflections, brilliant, delicately vegetal on the nose, with fruity notes. Vivacity and freshness characterize the drink of this Vermentino, which however has a good persistence of taste and a clean finish.

Pedra Majore Winery

Cantina Meana, Terra del Mandrolisai
Location: Meana Sardo (Nuoro), Centre Sardinia

This small cantina is located in the village of Meana Sardo, right in the heart of the Sardegna “Mandrolisai”, a terroir with an ancient tradition of autochthonous vineyards. Being the vineyard on the mountains rather than up hills, the schist composition of the soil gives the wine a peculiar rich taste.

Cantina Meana produces three typical wine blends:

Parèda - Isola dei Nuraghi IGT Organic
An Organic certified Typical Geographical Indication red wine, obtained from typical native vines from Mandrolisai (mid Sardegna) area. Silver Medal at Grenaches du Monde 2017 international competition, it  is an intense ruby red wine with light garnet nuances having a intense and captivating scent with red fruit, marasca cherry and plum scents standing out. It has a dry, savory, round body and matches perfectly with red meat and with simple and delicate plates. Vol. 14-15%.

Parèda – Mandrolisai DOC
Designation of Origin red wine, it is obtained from a blend of Sardinian Bovale, Cannonau, Monica and ancient red berry grapes from Mandrolisai area. A wine having an intense ruby red color with light grainy reflexes visible through aging, having a characteristic scent featuring tertiary and spicy nuances, with a predominance of cinnamon and vanilla. Great structure, harmonious and balanced, it matches with complex and full-bodied dishes such as roasted meat and seasoned cheeses. Vol. 13,5-14,5%.

Parèda - Isola dei Nuraghi IGT
A Typical Geographic Indication red wine, obtained from autochthonous vines in variable percentages. Intense ruby red wine with scent from the vines it comes from, intense and persistent, with delicate red berry fruits nuances. Dry savory flavor, in an elegant overall harmony. Fruity notes make it extremely pleasant to taste. Ideal with well-seasoned first courses, seasoned cheeses and red meats. It’s also perfectly paired with simple and delicate dishes. Vol. 14-15% .

Cantina Meana, Terra del Mandrolisai

Famiglia Orro
Location: Tramatza (Oristano), Centre-West Sardinia

Famiglia Orro is a small family run farm located in Tramatza, a small village in the province of Oristano, central-west Sardinia. The farm produces wine, olives and vegetables typical of the area in respect of sustainable agriculture and biodiversity. All productions are processed directly on site in the Famiglia Orro cellar and laboratory combining tradition and innovation.

Famiglia Orro wines comes only from native vineyards and are produced respecting ancient traditional tecniques.

Famiglia Orro produces a selection of wines made from the autochthone ‘Vernaccia’ grapes:

Crannatza - Vernaccia Valle del Tirso I.G.T.
Wine obtained by Vernaccia grapes, refined in small barrels only partially filled. It’s the perfect partner for sophisticated appetizers such as smoked mullet fillet or blue cheese and traditional handmade almond pastries. Vol. 15-17%

Vernaccia di Oristano - Vernaccia DOC
Vernaccia di Oristano DOC (Controlled designation of origin) is obtained with the respect of the traditional wine making technique. It is left in small, non completely filled barrels under the action of FLOR yeasts, which are also indigenous. Vol. 15-17%

Passentzia - Passito IGT Isola dei Nuraghi
Wine obtained by dried vernaccia raisins. It complements traditional almond pastries as well as seasoned hard cheese. Its name comes from the sardinian “pascenscia” which means “patience”. Vol. 15-17%

Karesia - Valle del Tirso IGT
Wine obtained by Vernaccia di Oristano grapes, refined in cherry wood barrels only partially filled. Ideal with desserts and traditional pastries. The name Karesia comes from the Sardinian word “carèsia” for cherry. Vol. 15-17%

Tzinnigas Valle del Tirso - Vernaccia IGT
This innovative white wine is obtained from Vernaccia variety grapes, skipping the usual oxidation process, typical of Vernaccia di Oristano DOC wine making. Ideal with appetizers, fish and seafood. Vol. 13,5%

Famiglia Orro